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Society is in crisis because we don’t train our kids for adulthood. This true story is about Jeffrey’s initiation by an Apache medicine man to spiritual adulthood. Despite the title, Initiation is for Men and Women. Available in paperback and for Kindle.



Follow Jeff Prather’s personal odyssey to spiritual manhood under a legendary Apache singer in the mountains and deserts of Arizona. Prather is tempered physically and astounded spiritually, experiencing a hidden world of incandescent power. To the outside white world, the Apache were the tigers of the Southwest. Yet Prather learns that paradoxically the most sacred ceremony of these stoic warriors is the coming of age of each little girl. The ferocious physical prowess of these ultimate warriors emerges from their innate spirituality—and sense of humor. Training with the descendants of Cochise and Geronimo, Prather discovers that, though boys and girls are born, men and women must be trained in the rigors of adulthood. He learns that we are defined by our duties to others. Further, we are all connected by an invisible realm of luminous energy, and if we access these etheric meridians, we can direct divine power through us to protect, heal and connect to all our relations—to literally change our lives and save the world, one life at a time.

“As essential as water—a handbook for the human race.”
– Dr. Joseph K. Eleid, M.D.

“This book is a great read! It is entertaining and full of ancient teachings that offer practical life advice for today. For more than 18 years I have experienced personally, and witnessed in others, the changes in life that result when people practice the techniques described in this book.”
– Darin Ashley, Major, USMC (Ret)


Despite the title, Initiation is for Men and Women.

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  1. Karl G

    Overall a very enjoyable read, but more importantly, a thought-provoking account of spiritual growth and the power of spiritual development that is so often neglected in modern culture and societies.

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