Chase Terror on the Border

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CHASE, a Border Patrol agent and Apache rancher John Horse fight to stop terrorists smuggling a suitcase nuke across the southern border to the Fiesta Bowl. This is fact based fiction by ex-DEA Special Agent Jeff Prather who spent a decade on the border.

Available in paperback and for Kindle.



In Russia, Arab businessmen pay a fortune to buy a metal suitcase from two Russian officers and then blow up the officers’, their vehicle and the money.

In Dubai, wealthy Arab sheiks open the Russian suitcase – it contains a 5 kiloton nuclear device and detonator. They intend to smuggle it into the US and launch a devastating attack.

In Arizona CHASE GARRET, a Border Patrol agent and decorated former Green Beret is leaving his ranch for work. He tries to get his eighteen-year-old daughter, AMELIA, to do some simple chores and their strained relationship shows. He plans on attending the Fiesta Bowl, where she’ll be cheerleading tomorrow night. He promises not to miss the game, but his promises don’t have much value to her anymore.

In Mexico, TWO ARABS pay a big bride for themselves and TEN MORE ARABS to be smuggled across the border into the U.S. on horseback. They are carrying a backpack with the bomb in it.

That night, two Border Patrol agents arrest a MEXICAN FAMILY, father, mother, and daughter. The coyote guiding them runs for it – pursued by the Border Patrol agents – right into the Arab horsemen. The Arab kills the coyote and agents. The Mexican family tries to run for it. The parents are killed.

Chase and his Apache friend JOHN HORSE, arrive on the scene. An action-packed battle ensues on horseback, in HUMV, on foot and in a helicopter. John is killed, but Chase won’t let up his pursuit, and by circumstances, is the only one able to understand the intent of their plot. The terrorists want to kill Chase, but they are also racing to complete their mission and have to keep moving.

Chase takes out the terrorists out by one, but cannot stop them from getting closer and closer to their final target – the Fiesta Bowl football game where Chase’s daughter is cheerleading and where the President of the United States is attending.

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